TECANSW is financially unstable to meet its outlined projects and programs. This financial year, TECANSW members hasn’t paid their full subscription fees. Membership/subscription is the bulk source of funds for TECANSW.
Members raised funds for community hall.

Membership fees……… $0
State of Origin Fundraising …………..$10353.35
Grants ………………………….. $ 16619.02
Expenditures………………… $30,936.60


TECANSW has supported members, projects and emergencies locally, nationally and internationally.
1. TECAA Seurity funds 1st round = $2000
2. TECAA Secuirty funds 2nd round $3500
3. TECAA Global conference = $1000
4. TECAA Fundraising in NSW = $500
5. Funerals cost
A). Yaak Deng – $2000
B) Bur Athel -$ 2500
c) John Wuoi $ 1800
D), Ajak Mabior $ 1000
E) Dau Dhieu Dau $ 500
6. Duot Deng medical treatment – $2000

Assessment and Review

TECANSW Inc is facing some challenges or things that need to be addressed or weren’t addressed. TECANSW needs to get its database collection completed and running, so that we know our exact population and other demographic significant of our members. This was not done for confidentiality purposes. Information collected need to be storage in a secured location. Once TECANSW website is up and running, the data collection will resume.
Membership collection has been a challenge, and this need to be review for affordability or procedural means of collection. Constitution review under membership fees section is recommendable.
Grant application success rate has dropped. The feedback we got from funding bodies is indeed the fact that we don’t have auditor report. TECANSW is liaising with STARTTS for external auditor or finding member in the community with audit accreditation according to TECANSW Constitution.

khot Majok Tuil