Twich East NSW AGM 2018

Twich East NSW AGM 2018

Subject: General Annual Report for 2016-2017

Twich East Community Association in NSW (TECANSW) is non for profit organisation that aims to assist with the resettlement of new migrants by facilitating their integration into Australian society while maintaining their cultural identity. TECANSW recognizes and promotes the role of women in the community and provides education and familiarisation with respect to administrative and community procedures in Australia

Twich East community Association INC NSW has the admirable task of organizing community to unite and identify their main priority community needs, and become organized well enough. The outline of this report follows the goals generated during Twich East Community Association 10 year plans strategic planning in Dec 2015

TECA envisages the members of Twic East Community in New South Wales fully integrated into wider Australian society and realized their potentials in multiple ways through well-organized initiatives and activities.

Whereas TECA proudly promotes respect for each other and the spirit of harmonious co-existence amongst the members, it also seeks to empower members through coordinated efforts to tackling challenges pose by settlement and integration in Australia, with a particular focus in New South Wales and to preserve rich cultural heritages through Language Teaching and cultural activities.

TECANSW is bonded by:

Social Justice and Fairness
Empowerment, Empathy and Compassion
We value and respect our cultural, political, religious and other personal values, and that of other people
We respect multicultural diversity
We belief in civilised and intellectual expression of speeches
We value education as a way to adjust and match globalised world and quality technological innovation
Unity and cooperation

Executive board/committee

TECANSW executive committee is change every two years. The current team assumed office in October 2015 and its term ended in October 2017, but due to unavoidable circumstances the Annual General Meeting was rescheduled several times to 10th of February 2018. NB: women and Youth affairs representatives are respectively Twich East community women and youth leaders
1. Null Mayen Deng – Chairperson/ Public Officer
2. Malith Mayom Deng – Vice Chairperson
3. Garang Mayen Atem – General Secretary
4. Abraham Dau Nyok – Treasurer
5. Chol Achuoth Chol – Information Officer
6. Barach Akoi Jurkuch – Organising Secretary
7. Rhoda Adhieu Kuoya – Women Affairs Officer
8. Deng Atem Ruel – Youths Representative

Board/Executive Advisors
1. Ajang Deng Biar – General
2. Diing Bul Atem – youth and legal
3. Hannan Abul Malual – women and gender issues

President Report

TECANSW like many other non for profit organisations is facing series of challenges and regardless of the odds, TECANSW has achieved enormous successes since its inception.
First of all, I would like to thank the entire executive team for the dedication to the welfare of TECANSW and wider Australian communities by donating their precise times, energy and resources to make sure peaceful coexistence, integration and capacity building for our community is achieved.
Secondly, TECANSW members have been very supportive of our initiatives and I cannot thank every individual member enough, but to cheer on doing great things for this vibrant community regardless of who lead it.
Thirdly, my main driving goal was to change the mindset of paying less attention to our own human assets. TECANSW has brilliant and qualified personnel in different areas of expertise, and the only way to payback the community who grown, nurtured, sharpened your horns and above all cared for you, is to share the knowledge you acquired with your community. That is why TECANSW Leadership adopted Knowledge Sharing program to give opportunity to our qualified members to present to the community what they know. Through Knowledge sharing, TECANSW has delivered series of community awareness sessions by TECANSW individual presenter and/or partnering agencies.
TECANSW isn’t an Island of its own. TECANSW Inc partnered with numerous organisations, private or Government agencies whom their supports have direct benefits to our community and services delivery and organisational innovation.
TECANSW Inc is thankful to STARTTS, specifically the Communities in Cultural Transition (CiCT) Project for provision of consultants and financial supports. Blacktown City Council for the usage of Rooty Hill School of Art hall at reduced rate; Department Education and Training for support for our Dinka Language School under Community languages school program as well as NSW Federation of Community Language schools.
St. Mark Anglican Church in Oakhurst has been our social and spiritual centre for many years and is harbouring Dinka Language School on Saturdays. Special thanks business groups, sKhot Noble Website Designer, Golden Kids Family Day Care, Smile Kids Family Day Care and Child Rights Family Day care for being very instrumental and supportive on number of our programs and activities financially.
I thank friends of TECANSW and people of goodwill who supported us in one way or the other. We are grateful for our community and we are still asking your cooperation and participation to move this great community to the next level of prosperity socially, culturally and politically.
TECANSW is committed to support youth cultural and sporting activities. Twich East Soccer team (Direct Energy F.C) and NSW warriors cultural wrestling team, a join partnership of Twich East Community youth participants and other communities’ youths. Twich East Women Dance group has been a vibrant traditional and contemporary Dancing group in NSW and nationally. Thanks to Rooty Hill RSL for funded Twich East Youth Dance Project through Blacktown city council Club Grant

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Operational framework/guideless
In Dec 2015, TECANSW carried out 10 year Strategic plans meeting were areas of great interests identified through SWOT Analysis with help of CiCT Project.
The following programs will be highlighted in depth in Operational guidelines document and are the main TECANSW programs:
1. Governance
2. Individual community member events, celebrations, cultural dances/activities,
3. Hall use
4. Community awareness training
5. TECANSW Dinka Language School program.
6. Grants sourcing and management
7. Youth and women groups’ activities

Rooty Hill School of Art Centre (RHSAC) usage
TECANSW has sourced use of Rooty Hill school of Art centre use every Friday evening from 6.30pm to 11.30pm (weekly) from Blacktown City Council. The fees are calculated at community rate of $55.00 each Friday for 6 hours. Having a space is vital for women and youth groups to rehearsal, communal socialisation, information sharing and other community use (individual occasions).
If TECANSW isn’t hosting any event, any community member can use it free or pay depend on the nature of program or individual member financial status. TECANSW has a goal of adding some Saturdays and take off some Fridays if community thinks it’s beneficial and the availability of the hall on Saturdays. See survey on use of RHSAC. RHSAC costed TECANSW $3,960 from 2016-2017.

TECANSW Dinka Language Program
As identified in strategic plan, Twich East Community in NSW is vigorously growing and our young generation is losing written and spoken Dinka language. Dinka language is widely used by government agencies and taught at school in South Australia and Victoria. Therefore, TECANSW has established Dinka Language School for all Dinka speaking groups and the wider Australian community in 2016, and is being partly managing independently by volunteer teachers and auspices by TECANSW Inc.
Classes are run at St. Mark Anglican Church, Oakhurst on Saturdays for adult and school ages children from kinder garden to year 12 levels. Thanks to their parents taking them to Ranwick. TECANSW Dinka language teachers attended 2016 and 2017 National and NSW State Conference of Community language schools at University of Sydney. The cost was covered by TECANSW Inc under TECANSW Dinka Language program.
Two of our students Kuir Yong Tor for senior level and Anoon Duom Kuany for junior level, received 2017 Minister’s Awards for excellent in spoken and written Dinka. Big thank you to all our volunteer teachers for all classes, St Mark Anglican Church Administration for support and parents for cooperating seriously with language program. TECANSW Dinka Language program was funded in 2016 (establishment grants), $2,500 and in 2017 (per capita grant) $7,919.02 by Community Language schools program, NSW Department of Education.

TECANSW Inc assets and contact
TECANSW new website is under construction by sKHOT web designer and funded by STARTTS (CiCT Project). TECANSW has email address as well, TECANSW has P. O. BOX address (see letter or front page of this report) to make sure all TECANSW corresponding documents flow to secured and permanent address. TECANSW has mobile phone for official use only, inactive now. This mobile is and will be given to partners, friends of TECANSW and agencies working with TECANSW.

Since 2016, TECANSW is insured with ANSVAR Insurance Limited- brokered by Unicorn Risk Services Pty Ltd public/products liability with limit Indemnity of $20,000,000, costing TECANSW Inc $1,189.10 annually and renew on 24th of Feb each year. All our events, activities, public, and volunteers, properties nationwide are covered. Principally Dinka language teaching program, outdoor sporting activities and picnic activities, AGMs, women play group and cultural dancing or activities incidental thereto.

1. In April-May 2015, TECANSW applied for Blacktown club grant for Twich East Dance ambassador group and Multicultural grants for Women dance group projects, $10,000. application declined.
2. Club Grant from RHRSL (Blacktown City Council) has approved Twich East Ambassadors Dance group project for $6, 000, received, August 10, 2016.
3. Celebration grant 2016-2017, $5000 – Multicultural NSW- APPLICATION DECLINED
4. Volunteer grant- Department of Social service 2016-2017, $5000 – application declined
5. Department of Education, Language school establishment grant 2016- $2,500- received
6. Department of Education, Language school, per capita grant- $7,919.02- received
7. STARTTS/CiCT – Website design $2,380 (to be paid to consultant, sKhot Noble Designer).
8. STARRTS also cover Bowman hall hiring fees during State of origin cultural day ($1,778.80, PAID TO Blacktown city council)
9. Golden Family day care – $500 (toward state of origin cultural day)


TECANSW is financially unstable to meet its outlined projects and programs. This financial year, TECANSW members hasn’t paid their full subscription fees. Membership/subscription is the bulk source of funds for TECANSW.
Members raised funds for community hall.

Membership fees……… $0
State of Origin Fundraising …………..$10353.35
Grants ………………………….. $ 16619.02
Expenditures………………… $30,936.60


TECANSW has supported members, projects and emergencies locally, nationally and internationally.
1. TECAA Seurity funds 1st round = $2000
2. TECAA Secuirty funds 2nd round $3500
3. TECAA Global conference = $1000
4. TECAA Fundraising in NSW = $500
5. Funerals cost
A). Yaak Deng – $2000
B) Bur Athel -$ 2500
c) John Wuoi $ 1800
D), Ajak Mabior $ 1000
E) Dau Dhieu Dau $ 500
6. Duot Deng medical treatment – $2000

Assessment and Review

TECANSW Inc is facing some challenges or things that need to be addressed or weren’t addressed. TECANSW needs to get its database collection completed and running, so that we know our exact population and other demographic significant of our members. This was not done for confidentiality purposes. Information collected need to be storage in a secured location. Once TECANSW website is up and running, the data collection will resume.
Membership collection has been a challenge, and this need to be review for affordability or procedural means of collection. Constitution review under membership fees section is recommendable.
Grant application success rate has dropped. The feedback we got from funding bodies is indeed the fact that we don’t have auditor report. TECANSW is liaising with STARTTS for external auditor or finding member in the community with audit accreditation according to TECANSW Constitution.

khot Majok Tuil