Dinka Dinka Languange Program

Dinka Dinka Languange Program

TECANSW Dinka Language Program

As identified in strategic plan, Twich East Community in NSW is vigorously growing and our young generation is losing written and spoken Dinka language. Dinka language is widely used by government agencies and taught at school in South Australia and Victoria. Therefore, TECANSW has established Dinka Language School for all Dinka speaking groups and the wider Australian community in 2016, and is being partly managing independently by volunteer teachers and auspices by TECANSW Inc.

Classes are run at St. Mark Anglican Church, Oakhurst on Saturdays for adult and school ages children from kinder garden to year 12 levels. Thanks to their parents taking them to Ranwick. TECANSW Dinka language teachers attended 2016 and 2017 National and NSW State Conference of Community language schools at University of Sydney. The cost was covered by TECANSW Inc under TECANSW Dinka Language program.

Two of our students Kuir Yong Tor for senior level and Anoon Duom Kuany for junior level, received 2017 Minister’s Awards for excellent in spoken and written Dinka. Big thank you to all our volunteer teachers for all classes, St Mark Anglican Church Administration for support and parents for cooperating seriously with language program. TECANSW Dinka Language program was funded in 2016 (establishment grants), $2,500 and in 2017 (per capita grant) $7,919.02 by Community Language schools program, NSW Department of Education

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