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Welcome to East Community

We, the members of Twic East Community in New South Wales;
Envisage a better future through putting together our talents and potentials to unlock the opportunities this descent country offers and maintain our unity as we preserve our way of life;
Aware that unless we bond, organize and support ourselves; our participation and contribution in the South Sudanese and wider Australian society will be minimal;
Appreciate, acknowledge and turn the diversities we face into strength to help ourselves, all South Sudanese as well as the wider Australian community;
Dedicated to change the weaknesses of our members into strengths and all difficulties they face into opportunities by liaising with stakeholders and authorities that deal with the South Sudanese Australians across the state.
Twich East Community Association in NSW is committed to preservation of South Sudanese cultures and smooth intergration its members into wider Australian communities.

Our Objectives:

Our Vision

TECA envisages the members of Twic East Community in New South Wales fully integrated into wider Australian society and realized their potentials in multiple ways through well-organized initiatives and activities.

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